Hypnotherapy for depression in Bristol

Many people feel stressed and low at times in their life and this can often lead to depression. Depression is a common condition that will affect one in three people at some time in their life. It can be extremely debilitating and all-consuming, affecting all areas of our life. When feeling depressed we often feel alone in the world and that nothing can help our situation, but the good news is that depression can be helped very effectively with Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can help you to lift your mood enabling you to break the cycle of depression and get you focused on the positive aspects of your life. You can get your life back and start doing all the things you wanted to do. You can have more control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours enabling you to deal with any situation life has in store for you.

Symptoms of depression

There are a wide range of symptoms associated with depression. You may be suffering with depression if you have five or more of the following symptoms, consistently for at least a two week period:

  • Depressed mood, feeling sad or empty, tearful

  • Diminished interest or pleasure in daily activities

  • Significant weight loss or weight gain, loss of appetite

  • Insomnia, sleeping too much, sleep disturbances

  • Hand wringing, twitching, pacing, tapping foot, hair twiddling etc.

  • Fatigue, loss of energy

  • Feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, guilt

  • Diminished ability to think, lack of concentration, indecisiveness

  • Recurrent suicidal thoughts

There are also various specific forms of depression including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Postnatal Depression and Bipolar Disorder (manic depression). You can find out more about Hypnotherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder by listening to Sarah's Radio Interview.

Bristol hypnosis for depression

Hypnotherapy can help you to break the cycle of depression, so you will begin to see improvements in your symptoms. There are various degrees of depression ranging from mild depression all the way up to severe depression and depending on where you fall on this scale, will determine how many sessions of hypnotherapy you will need. You may be surprised at how quickly hypnotherapy can help your situation and our aim is to get you to where you want to be in the shortest time possible.

Get Help with Depression from Hypnotherapy in Bristol