Hypnotherapy for insomnia in Bristol

We all get the occasional bad night’s sleep but for someone with insomnia, they experience this all too often.

Sleeping problems are a common problem and insomnia in particular is thought to regularly affect around one in every three people in the UK and it is particularly common in elderly people.

You may find it difficult to get to sleep as your mind races with thoughts of the day gone by, what you need to get done tomorrow or some other worries. Or you might just wake up several times during the night and struggle to get back off to sleep. Maybe you lie awake for long periods at night which inevitably leads to frustration and anxiety. Perhaps you wake up early in the morning way before your alarm clock goes off and are unable to fall asleep again. You might sleep reasonably ok but wake in the morning not feeling refreshed. These are all ways that insomnia can occur.

Some people will just have a problem with one of these, whilst others seem to get the whole package. Periods of insomnia can come and go without it having a major impact on our lives, but it can also linger, lasting months or even years for some people. This is when it starts to really cause problems in your ability to function day to day.

People who experience prolonged periods where their sleep is poor, often experience irritability, poor concentration, low mood, anxiety, lack of motivation, negative thinking, and/or depression. It can have an affect on their job and their relationships.

Some people can even start to fear bed time, hate their bedroom, stop going on holiday because they cannot sleep anywhere other than their own bed, and decide to sleep on their own so that they are not disturbed by the sleep noises of a partner nor disturb them due to tossing and turning whilst they are awake in the night.

Insomnia can really affect your quality of life and ends up determining what you do and don’t do with your day and can affect your ability at performing everyday tasks.

 Hypnotherapy can help you to have a better night sleep. Our aim with hypnotherapy is to improve your quality of sleep so that you feel rested and are able to function better throughout the day, do all the things you want to do and get your life back.

Causes of insomnia

Insomnia can be caused by many factors. These include a poor sleeping environment such as an uncomfortable bed and a room that’s too hot or cold, lifestyle factors such as working shifts and drinking caffeine, stress and anxiety, mental and physical health conditions such as depressionchronic pain and sleep disorders, and it can also be a side effect of certain medications.

As mentioned above, there are some medical conditions and medications which cause sleeping problems so I will always ask whether or not you have seen your GP about the issue.

Bristol Hypnosis for insomnia

With hypnotherapy, we look at all aspects of a sleeping problem. During the sessions, we will look at how insomnia presents for you as well as how it affects your life as everyone is different. I will teach you a wide variety of relaxation techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety. We will look at the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that you hold about your sleeping pattern, the quality of sleep you get and how much you think you should be getting. I will encourage you to be more aware of your thoughts during the day and teach you ways to address any negative thoughts you might have about sleep and life generally so that they do not continue to run through your mind at night. We will cover general sleep hygiene to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to encourage an environment that is conducive to sleep and that supports your body in it’s natural ability to drift off to sleep. We will also look at your sleep routine and help you to change any unhelpful aspects that might be causing a problem. You will be taught self hypnosis among other techniques so that you can help yourself.`

Reduce those Sleepless Nights with Hypnotherapy in Bristol