Stop smoking

Hypnotherapy for stop smoking in Bristol

We all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes and its affect on our health and wellbeing. There are many reasons people want to give up smoking. There are the obvious health risks for the smoker themselves, but their friends and families are also at risk through passive smoking. Maybe you're fed up of going outside in the cold and wet to smoke or perhaps you're fed up of your house smelling of smoke. No matter what the reason is for giving up smoking, Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your goal.

Benefits of stopping smoking

Your body starts to repair itself as soon as you stop smoking and the risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and strokes are reduced significantly. Some of the benefits of stopping smoking include:

  • Getting rid of your smoker's cough

  • Breathing improves allowing you to exercise and walk around without getting short of breath

  • Energy levels increase

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

  • General overall health improves

  • Smell and taste improve increasing your enjoyment of food and drink

  • Less frequent coughs, colds, sinus problems and chest infections

  • You'll no longer smell of stale smoke and nor will your home

  • You'll be better off financially. You'll save £3,504 per year by giving up smoking! (Based on smoking 20 a day at £9.60 per pack)

Bristol hypnosis for stopping smoking

Research shows that people are more likely to stop smoking when they have more than one hypnotherapy session. This is why my stop smoking programme consists of two hypnotherapy sessions, spaced a week apart, with you stopping smoking on the final session. In addition to the two tailored hypnosis sessions, you will receive a handbook which contains information about the smoking habit as well as various essential activities for you to carry out to prepare you for stopping smoking. You will receive a number of hypnosis audiotracks to help support you throughout the programme and beyond. You will also be taught a variety of techniques that you can use for yourself in between sessions and thereafter to keep you on track.

Stopping smoking requires motivation, effort and a desire to want to stop the habit. Stopping smoking with the help of hypnotherapy still requires all of these things in order for you to be successful. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process and you will be required to carry out tasks before the sessions, in between appointments, as well as afterwards to reinforce the work we do face to face. If you engage in the process and do all the things I ask you to do, then you stand a much bigger chance of staying a non-smoker for good.

My stop smoking programme is tailored to you and looks at all aspects of your smoking habit. We will look at the reasons why you smoke and discover new ways for you to achieve all the things that the smoking habit used to provide you with. We will look at the negative, limiting beliefs that you hold about smoking and cigarettes and work to change these to give you a different outlook on things. We will identify and reinforce your reasons for stopping smoking to help motivate you towards your goal of being free from that habit. You will learn various coping strategies to help with any thoughts that come up about having a cigarette once you’ve quit in addition to keeping you motivated and future focused.

Get Help to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Bristol