Unwanted habits

Hypnotherapy for unwanted habits in Bristol

Human beings are creatures of habit. The vast majority of our habits and routines are socially acceptable, make our lives easier or help us in some other way, and/or support our health and wellbeing. However, not all habits have these characteristics and can be detrimental to us in a number of ways.

Unwanted habits can cause embarrassment, frustration, upset, knock our confidence, and generally have a negative impact on our day to day life. In some cases, they can even affect our appearance as well as our physical and mental health.

Habits can form at any time in our lives in response to the situations that we find ourselves in. Some habits are formed in childhood such as sucking your thumb or picking your nose. Generally, we grow out of these habits as we get older, but for some they can be left with these childish habits well in to adulthood.

When we experience periods of stress and anxiety, our body naturally has a lot of nervous energy. This extra energy is produced by our body so that we are prepared to respond efficiently to the perceived threat. Because we cannot runaway from everyday experiences as easily as we can a wild animal, the nervous tension can build up within us. In order to “relieve” the tension, we might develop repetitive behaviours such as nail biting, hair pulling, fidgeting, skin picking, and teeth grinding, to name but a few.

It is very common that these types of unwanted habits are formed and/or get worse when we go through periods of stress. They become automatic and our “go to” coping mechanism when we feel stressed or uncomfortable in a situation, to the point where we might be carrying out the habit without even realising it. Quite often, the stress disappears, we move on in life but are left with the habit that was created during that time.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you to change your patterns of thinking and behaviour. It can help you to gain control of your responses to stress and situations, equipping you with relaxation skills and positive coping strategies so that you no longer feel the need to carry out that old habit.

Unwanted habits helped with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help with many unwanted habits. The habits listed below can all be helped when you engage fully in the Hypnotherapy process. It is not an exhaustive list but is given as an idea of some of the common habits that I help clients with. Please note I do not work with drug or alcohol related habits. If you have a habit which is not listed here, please get in touch to discuss whether you could benefit from Hypnotherapy.

  • Nail biting / skin biting

  • Hair pulling / eyelash pulling (Trichotillomania)

  • Skin picking

  • Teeth grinding (Bruxism)

  • Lip / cheek biting

  • Blushing

  • Nose picking

  • Thumb sucking

  • Self harm

  • Tics

  • Stammer / stutter

  • Tapping

  • Fidgeting

Bristol hypnosis for unwanted habits

During our sessions, we will focus on all aspects of the habit. I will ask you to monitor the habit so that we can get a better idea of when and where you do it and anything that might trigger it. We will use evidence based habit reversal techniques to gain control over your behaviour and you will learn how to do this for yourself so that you can continue to support yourself in between sessions. We will look at any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that might be keeping that habit going and ways in which you can gain control over these. You will also learn a wide variety of relaxation and self control techniques to help you to reinforce the changes you have made.

Gain Control Over Your Unwanted Habit with Hypnotherapy in Bristol