Supervision for Hypnotherapists

Supervision is a collaborative process to help you develop as a hypnotherapist and support you in your practice so that your clients receive the very best care from you. I offer one-to-one supervision to practising hypnotherapists via Skype or Zoom, in addition to group supervision in Bristol.

The purpose of supervision

There are three areas of your hypnotherapy practice that supervision can play a role. These are:

  • Learning & Development - supervision helps you to develop your skills, abilities and understanding in the field of hypnosis and mental health

  • Support - supervision is there to provide you with emotional and professional support

  • Accountability - supervision ensures that you are working safely and ethically with your clients

Let’s look at these in a bit more detail.

Learning & Development

Supervision provides you with the opportunity to reflect upon how you are working with your clients and specific issue; what is going well in addition to areas that you might be struggling with; identifying training needs or avenues you wish to explore further, and receiving feedback and guidance where applicable.


Compassion fatigue, burnout and even secondary traumatic stress are very real concerns for any therapist. In addition to this, therapists might also experience a loss of confidence in their abilities, feel isolated, or maybe they’re making a lot of changes to their practice which is causing some upheaval. Supervision offers you the space to share and explore any emotions or worries you are experiencing as a result of working with your clients and running your hypnotherapy practice, as well as helping you to establish coping strategies and self-care routines to support yourself.


Supervision is there to ensure that you continue to work safely and ethically with your clients, adhering to your governing body’s code of ethics and conduct at all times.

Whether you are a student, newly qualified or a more experienced hypnotherapist, each of these areas of supervision can be of benefit to you.

Supervision shouldn’t be a chore, something you feel like you have to do just to satisfy your governing bodies. There is so much to be gained from having supervision. It adds value to your practice, that both yourself and your clients will benefit from.

Supervision requirements

There are many different hypnotherapy governing bodies out there, each with their own supervision requirements for their members. Please ensure that you check what amount of supervision your governing body requires of you each year as terms of your membership.

A number of these governing bodies state that you only require supervision for a number of years after you qualify. I strongly disagree with that, and not just because I’m a supervisor. It is my belief that any therapist wishing to run a professional practice and be the best therapist they can be for their clients, should undergo supervision on a regular basis, regardless of how long they’ve been practising.

I still regularly have supervision, both for the work I do as a therapist as well as the work I do as a supervisor.

Why choose me as your supervisor?

  • I am trained in a number of different models of supervision which allows me to tailor the supervision sessions to your needs.

  • I adhere to evidence-based supervision practices to ensure you get the most out of supervision.

  • I am trained in a number of different approaches to hypnotherapy, including Cognitive Behavioural, Eriksonian, and Solution-focused, which gives me a good understanding of how you work, allowing me to supervise you regardless of whether our approaches to hypnotherapy match or not.

  • I am one of Bristol’s Senior Clinical Hypnotherapists and work with a wide range of issues and clients

  • I am a classroom assistant on the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma at Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis, supporting the students through their training

  • I have an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy which covered hypnosis research in depth as well as advanced applications of hypnosis

  • I am an accredited supervisor with the Professional Hypnotherapy Network (PHN).

Choosing Sarah as my supervisor was one of the best decisions I made for my career!
— Saskia Schuck, Clinical Hypnotherapist, London

Group Supervision in Bristol

I run a quarterly hypnotherapy supervision group in Bristol. Working for yourself as a hypnotherapist can be a lonely. Group supervision offers you the opportunity to get out and meet other hypnotherapists, hear how other therapists work with particular issues and clients, gain additional insight and ideas to help run your practice, and of course the combined support of your peers in addition to me as your supervisor.

The group is limited to 8 people to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon client issues or anything else they wish to cover. It is open to all hypnotherapists, regardless of the approach you follow.

If you require additional supervision between the quarterly group sessions, you can book an online one-to-one supervision session with me.

For details on dates, times and locations, please do get in touch.

Supervision & Tutorial Fees

Group Supervision in Bristol (2 hours) - £20

One-to-one Supervision via Skype/Zoom (1 hour) - £50

Shorter and longer supervision sessions can be arranged where necessary.

Whilst supervision offers a reflective space for learning and development, it is not a tutorial. If you would like to have a dedicated tutorial to learn new techniques or approaches, understand how to work with a specific issue, or anything else relating to hypnotherapy, I offer one-to-one tutorials outside of the supervision relationship.

One-to-one Tutorials via Skype/Zoom (1 hour) - £50

To find out more about hypnotherapy supervision, please get in touch using the form below.

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